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Healing Services offered:

Full Spectrum Healing appointments with Sudama $150-300 (sliding scale) for a live session or by phone 805-637-7362

Ministerial Services and Weddings (Universal Life Church Minister, Modesto, CA) ordained since 1999. Sound Healing products (CD's)

Land and house clearing ceremonies Live performance/Intuitive Healing Music (created on the spot)

Phone Healing:

A phone healing can be a surprisingly liberating experience. Healing over the phone is possible because time and distance are not obstacles to the transfer of information. There are countless ways to heal people. For myself it involves listening well enough to intuit the cause of the problems and then make the appropriate corrections on any number of levels.

Your body is speaking to you mythopoetically. It is the map of your unconscious mind and reveals the testimony of your current choices. What we might translate as inflammation in the body can be understood, for example, as valuable information about the state of your emotional, mental, psychological being. A healing agent/coach/transmitter of a certain energy medicine can help your body heal itself by interacting with your nervous system verbally, humorously, emotionally, telepathically, etc. allowing your body to shake out the symptoms and come to a new coherency.

Land and Space Clearing:

The principles of the Chinese art of Feng Shui are based on the flow of chi energy. The same principles can be applied to the body. Where there is stagnation there is blockage. Where there is blockage you get congestion which leads to inflammation and infection. How we relate to space and time affect and are often reflected in the energies, people, and spaces we associate with. The outer mirrors the inner and vice versa. When we move the outer furniture we change the inner posture and vice versa. It is important to clear space correctly to insure the continuous flow of abundance. I help clear entanglements, stagnant and negative energy, entities, and, call it, unfinished business or "karmas".

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