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Healed of Asthma

25 Year History of Chronic Asthma and Medical Treatment I have been an asthma sufferer for over 25 years, since age 17. At that time, there weren’t any ways to treat asthma “preventatively” and I used the drug albuterol to quell symptoms – 6 to 8 times a day. By the time I was 30 or so, steroidal inhalers came onto the market – which keep the inflammation of the lung tissue down, thereby staving off symptoms and attacks.

When I started using the steroidal inhaler, I recall it was a blessing. Most of my asthma symptoms subsided with taking the steroidal inhaler regularly and I was able to cut way back on my intake of albuterol. I could get back to exercising, and it was really like I did not have asthma anymore…except for the drug-taking. I had been on the steroidal inhaler for about 12 years when I met Sudama and I was getting sick of taking these drugs. I was also having recurrent yeast infections, which my doctors absolutely insisted the inhaler had nothing whatsoever to do with it. But I had convinced myself that it had everything to do with the drug. I actually felt that over the years my immune system was slowly deteriorating and was really thinking often about getting off the drugs. I had tried over the years to slowly taper off under my doctor’s direction, but to no avail. Also, I had two asthma specialists (M.D.s) tell me that at this point I probably had scar tissue built up and permanent lung damage from asthma, and that I would never be able to get off the drugs. One allergy M.D. expert told me emphatically that the worse thing I could do was get off the steroidal inhaler, as it would exacerbate the asthma and make my lungs overcompensate, thereby straining my organs.

For me, these were powerful messages from doctors. I believed them. I was scared to get off the drugs. But I also had a strong desire to change.

The Healing and My Skeptical Mind Sudama came to my house, and I kept a very open mind. I had no idea what to expect, but I was open to what he had to offer. But, I was very skeptical too. During the session he asked me questions of a personal nature about my family and my relationship with my parents. I was very open with him, and we pinpointed some issues from my childhood. I knew those issues were there, but had kept these issues dormant since my teens. When the issues surfaced Sudama asked me to visualize things and work out scenarios in my mind, and ultimately resolve the issues in sort of a mental play. Also he gave me some mantras to repeat about breathing. I did get emotional as part of the release of these issues. I remember it feeling very intense. After about one hour, we were done and Sudama suggested I try again to taper off the medicine, as I had done in the past and see how I feel.

When I tried to taper off, it did not feel good, and felt like all the other times. – like the familiar return of very uncomfortable asthmatic symptoms: heavy chest, difficulty breathing. I was truly disappointed. I felt something had changed in me, and I was so hopeful his healing was going to work. But I also admitted to myself that I was still very fearful of getting off the drugs – and I was still skeptical. So I called Sudama and expressed my fears. He said to wait a few weeks and try it again. (I am note sure if he gave me a boost of healing over the phone – maybe he did). So I tried again a few weeks later, after building up some courage. This time, as I tapered off, I was careful to push myself off the drugs but I did not want discomfort. I experienced very mild discomfort – like slight chest tightness, but it went away after a day or two.

I have now been off the steroidal inhaler for two years – without a recurrence of symptoms. And coincidentally I have not had a yeast infection for as long. I take the albuterol less than I ever have, even when I was on the steroidal inhaler. I finally went to see my asthma doctor, two years later, and told him I tapered of the meds and he declared me “healed.” He told me that I am one of the very rare cases that heal. Frankly, I think every asthma sufferer can be healed, and that it is truly about your mindset - your mindset about drugs, Western medicine, doctors, healers, and your own emotional history.

Asthma Free and A Change in My Belief System I now realize that in order to heal, I had to question my hard-core belief in the American medical system (ingrained in me from my parents, my doctors, my teachers, my lifestyle, and my culture). This was a huge hurdle for me. Without Sudama to give me confidence to try to make a change, I’d still be relying on drugs to make me feel better. I know we all still benefit greatly from certain treatments and advancements in Western medicine, such as surgery. But I also know that I can make more informed and personal choices about illness and treatment. Or better yet, avoid illness altogether!

In a recent discussion with Sudama I told him that I now understand the link between emotional events in life and triggering disease like asthma. I also now know that in order to get beyond that often requires guidance from a healer like Sudama – to help put you back on the path of health. What is amazing is that it requires very minimal guidance. I only had one healing session! I feel it’s definitely worth trying a session with Sudama, because what if it works for you?

Thank you Sudama.


“Deep inside, is a magical place with a whole lotta a’ grace.” This is line from one of the amazing and beautiful songs written by Sudama. I have had the opportunity to be in Sudama’s company several times for healing sessions. Each time with his exquisite ability to “see” in there, I have gone to that magical place, have experienced the grace and as a result, have been able to change patterns of pain in my body that have been lurking for 25 years.

I originally came to Sudama because I felt I needed what he terms a “tune-up.” Sort of a re-alignment of energy to so that I didn’t feel that blocked, tired, stuck, bored, lonely, unproductive, and physical as well as emotional malaise that seemed to enter into my body and heart daily. It wasn’t as horrible as it sounds but present, none-the-less. It seems to be an experience shared by many these days. I also have experienced extreme headaches and back problems for many years. When I went to the chiropractor and had x-rays it showed a fracture in the upper mid-back. Supposedly, somehow, I broke my back years ago (I think it was falling when doing gymnastics) and then the discs in the lower back didn’t form right and have been literally squished together pinching nerves and causing that ever present sciatica pain. I had thought of getting surgery but couldn’t stand the idea. I put up with the pain instead.

The way Sudama worked was quite remarkable. Now I rarely have headaches anymore and when I do. Sudama is not only a “healer.” He is also a very precise teacher. What I learned from him, I use everyday to stay clear and healthy. It’s definitely worth the time to get a few tips to feel better. In addition to the headaches, during the session, I mentioned to Sudama, off- handedly, about the back pain. I’ve had it so long I kind of try to ignore it. So, we worked in this area as well. The pain in my back is virtually gone. There are times when I feel twangs, and I relax and remember how to move the energy in the ways that Sudama taught me.

The effects of the changes I experienced in these sessions have been amazing. About three days after that first session, I was swimming laps at the YMCA. About half way through the swim, I suddenly felt incredibly light. I got the overwhelming sensation that I was in my 12 year old body! I felt toned, strong, healthy, alive, and young. I’m actually 50 years old, and don’t feel 12 all the time but I do feel much younger and healthier than ever.

I’ve come back for a couple of sessions with Sudama since this first one. Because of the power in his work, it’s so rejuvenating to “recalibrate” and learn the next step to clearing even more so that my life gets better and better. I want to be as beautiful and blissful on this earth as I possibly can, enhancing the lives of those I touch as well.

It is with the assistance from others who are so very clear and light that we can activate more body/mind/spirit integration. Thank you, Sudama for being this awesome channel of love. You are truly blessed and a blessing to anyone who chooses to feel good and be in the world from this place. Your work is so necessary now.

Linda Kerr
Santa Barbara


I spent two years of my life living in postwar Kabul, a place where the US littered many bombs to fight the "war on terror". Upon my return, my doctor highly recommended that I be tested for depleted uranium. "Uranium?" I thought... "How could it have not occurred to me before?" In the heat of my youthful adventure in Kabul, this never crossed my mind.

I had my first test for metals per my doctor's orders. I waited 3 weeks for the results, trying to sit patiently and think positive thoughts. It was a tough time where I had to face my fears and anger. When the results cam back, they read mercury, uranium, and arsenic all between the 60th and 70th percentile. I felt frustration, but moved on to accept this as a challenge to win. Who wouldn't love such an opportunity to learn about their own super powers?

During this time I magically and synchronistically was introduced to Sudama through a phone call and he started to work with me right away. I had never tried this type of therapy before, but I thought, "how could it hurt? I have nothing to lose". He worked on me and right away I felt lighter. It was a bit subtle and hard to pinpoint, but I knew I felt better. We worked 2 or 3 more times over the phone and about 6 weeks later, time went on to another metal test.

My doctor used EDTA chelation to test me the second time. Keep in mind this process is detoxifying, but usually takes months of work supplemented with chlorella and other natural medicine. All three of the doctors I worked with at the time told me it would take at least a year to cure myself of these invasive materials.

The test took another 3 weeks to come back. My doctor called me and said there was next to nothing in my test results. No uranium, mercury, or arsenic and that I was one of the most lucky humans alive because most people on the planet have some metal toxicity. When people do have these things, it takes months, sometimes years, and lots of illness to detoxify.

I felt so blessed and rejoiced to know that I didn't have to spend the next year to two years worrying about a serious detox. I then knew that Sudama's work, along with his team of angels, combined with my positive thinking, will power, and faith healed me in such a deep and profound way. I'm forever grateful and feel incredibly blessed to have him in my life as a healer and being of light. I wish for others to experience his work and to realize that healing is much easier than they are trained to believe. The healing is within all and Sudama is another reminder of where the true healing on this planet comes from.

-blessed be,
Galactic Traveler

As an inadvertent beneficiary who is both thankful and baffled, I want to recount for you my experience with the transformation in my hands.

I came to your August 2005 presentation on healing not as petitioner but as friend to your parents. I was curious about the nature of your work, but I am naturally skeptical: my orientation has always been conservative, empirical and western.

There was no special reason for me to be aware of my hands that night. They were as they had been over the previous 5-7 years. Engorged synovial cysts stretched from the wrist up the back of each hand toward the knuckles. The distended lumps did not badly impede the keystroking which is the mainstay of my eight-hour days at a computer. But the cysts did make it impossible to bend my hands up from a horizontal position; it was painful to swinga tennis racket, twist a can opener or even manipulate knitting needles. I've had very good medical care, and the consensus was that it wasn't wise to drain the cysts because of their delicate location. As long as I had enough mobility to work, there was no advantage in taking risks. That was satisfactory, but the growth of the cysts made my hands ache most of the time. I wasn't thinking about that on that August evening because the mild throb was natural.

My husband re-introduced me to you, reminding us that we had met at your parents home. We shook hands and the gesture stayed with me because you took my right hand in both of your hands,and I brought my left hand up to create a four-hand clasp.

My husband and I moved into the lecture room. During the program, my hands grew warm. Not dramatically hot, just warm. Probably the humid summer evening, I thought. Since I wasn't conversant with most of the language and concepts presented that evening, I was more fascinated than persuaded. The idea of mental or spiritual energy exerting powerful physical influence wasn't new to me. But the notion of intentional transfer of energy from one person to another for healing purposes was too obstuse.

So, I can tell you what happened over the next five weeks, but not why. My hands stayed warmer than normal. (At one point I worried that I had an infection.) But they hurt less. Not suddenly, just very gradually. And just as gradually the cysts shrank. And kept shrinking. By the end of September, the lumps were gone, it was possible to extend my thumbs fully, and I could press each hand back to a 90% angle to my forearm. The pain had disappeared.

My hands have continued in this healed condition for the past ten months, even though I've continued to perform the same intensive keyboard work which was believed to be a factor exacerbating the problem. Until I spoke to you in July 2006, I'd not said much about the change beyond my family. It's awkward: I just don't believe such things happen, I absolutely can't deny that it did.

Thank you, Mark. My mind hasn't gotten "there" yet, but what you do, you do generously and well. I'm grateful.

M. P.
Northeast Harbor, Maine
July 12, 2006

I would like to share my experiences working with Sudama Mark Kennedy. When we met, I was struggling with some debilitating traumas triggered by a series of stressful events and changes. I was having trouble with even the simplest tasks, couldn’t concentrate. I felt as if I were at the bottom a deep well. He offered to make an adjustment for me and within minutes, I felt like a weight lifted off of me. It was as if someone cleared the static and darkness and realigned me with a more peaceful, self-contained, grounded version of myself.
I woke the next day feeling even stronger and immediately made an appointment. I feel as if I have been shown a door that I have been searching for, for years. He has worked with me through my ‘wish list’ of things that I had only dreamed of being able to clear and balance - blocks and struggles that remained resistant to many other forms of healing, clearing each one as they presented themselves. The physical changes have been miraculous, from removing an infection in my gums that caused a black patch above a capped tooth to clearing my vascular system around my breasts after a cancer scare. After working with Sudama, my thermo-gram showed so much improvement that my doctor asked for his name. I had suffered with pain in my knees for years, which he was able to alleviate in one session along with the root causes of each of these conditions.
He untangled a lot of ancestral patterns that were interfering with me on both an emotional, and psychic level. He was able to bring balance and allow some deep releases with regard to some challenging relationships, opening up more breathing space and unhooking destructive attachments.
When we met, I felt completely overwhelmed, like I was trying to eat an elephant with a plastic spoon. Sudama cleared, rebooted, untangled, re-grounded, realigned, released, negotiated, sorted out, unhooked and led me through a process that completely reoriented me to my Self and my life. His work helped to bring my dreams and hopes within reach. He helped to make it easy and fun to be me again and gave me the tools to take on a herd of elephants if necessary. I have known many fine healers from all over the world, but Sudama is the most thorough and precise, and efficient. He is the embodiment of the work he does and his range of mastery is humbling.

Mary Johnson, artist
Santa Barbara


I had been experiencing quite debilitating physical symptoms including severe heart palpitations and arrhythmias, constantly elevated pulse rate and persistent insomnia for over four months prior to having an initial healing session with Sudama. During those months I had seen an acupuncturist, chiropractor, family practice MD, general practice MD, endocrinologist, cardiologist, and internist, with no consistent change in symptoms. Within about 24 hrs. of my first session with Sudama--which was wonderfully cathartic, enlightening and calming--my heart was as quiet as it had been in five months, I was able to sleep naturally without sleep medications, and I felt a huge burden of worry and depression lift. After a second session a couple of weeks later, the physical symptoms have essentially disappeared, and I am resuming my life again. This feels like a miraculous healing to me and I feel a lightness, expansion and sense of possibility that I haven't felt in a long time. The results I have experienced from Sudama's healing work seem to have effects on many levels of body, mind, and spirit; where I felt "stuck" previously, I now feel movement in my life again. Sudama, I bow in gratitude to your healing gifts, loving heart and big spirit!

With love and thanks,
Cindy, International Relief Worker
Santa Barbara


My name is Monique Woolfolk. I am a hair stylist. I just wanted to share my story and my experiences over the past two years. When I was 12 I had a hairline fracture in my arm. It turned out ten years later that I also crushed my growth plate which is why my cartilage tore and I had constant pain. I decided to go and get it checked out. They told me I needed to have ulnar shortening and reconstruction in the joints of my wrist, to repair all the damage. I figured it would only be a few months off of work. Then I would be back on my feet. I was way wrong. It ended up taking five months to heal because I was in a cast that whole time. Everything that was done to my wrists healed swollen giving me more pain than before. The whole time I was on every pain killer you can think of, and also cortisone injections. When that didn't work I decided to try something new - acupuncture, well it helped me sleep but I was at the end o my rope. I was ready to quit my job altogether. Every day I went to work I had to put on a smile, but I was in so much pain. On one particular day I had it! A client could tell by just looking at me that I wasn't doing so good. . She told me to go make a phone call and make an appointment to see Sudama. I was the biggest skeptic ever, but I would try anything at this point. I made the call and he asked me if I was in pain right now. I said yes.He told me to think about a few things while he did his work on the other side of the phone. "YEAHHH right! like I'm gonna feel better on the phone" I thought to myself. I did it anyways. Two minutes later he checked in to see how I was doing. I was astonished how I felt so much better. THen we tried something a little different. Wow. I felt like a dark painful cloud had just left my shoulders. I made an appointment to go see him two days later. I had felt at least 80-90% better which was a big deal for me. In the meantime I was waiting to go to UCLA to see the specialist there because my doctor could do no more for me. It was going to take me six months to get in. Before that phone call I cried every day because I couldn't handle it anymore. Now I feel great. I still can't believe it! Especially because when I finally went to the doctor he said "Wow you are working right now?" I said yes, and that I hah even added another day to my schedule and was more busy now than ever. He said I shouldn't b able to work right now.That the surgeries had been done incorrectly. He told me to keep on doing whatever I was doing because the surgeries they would need to do would be way worse. Over all, I feel like a much healthier person in mind body and soul. That is something I haven't felt in a long time. It has been a life changing experience. I feel so blessed to have come across this kind of work. It has made me a better person. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me and ask questions.

Monique Woolfolk
Carpinteria, CA
(number available on request)


The Bar Harbor Times, Bar Harbor, Maine
August 18th, 2005
(Health and Fitness section)

Full-Spectrum Healing Discussed

Mount Desert – “The Telepathic Universe and the New Sciences of Energy Medicine,” a lecture by Sudama Mark Kennedy will be presented August 24, 7 p.m. in the Mellon Room at the Northeast Harbor Library.

Sudama is a United Nations Award winning healer, spiritual teacher, minister, musician, poet and scholar who has spent years with various Siddha teachers in India. He has studied Chinese energetics with the healer Dr. Kam Yuen, been initiated into the Hawaiian Shamanic tradition (Huna), and has spent years working with groups, classes, and collectives on the graduate school level, in spiritual settings, and in the practice of energy medicine. In the last four years he has helped several thousand people heal themselves across the full spectrum of ailments: from cancer, to chronic pain of all varieties. He can listen and scan to determine where you are weak and help strengthen those parts of you. This new constellation of strength allows the body to re-member itself and re-integrate on every level, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, etc. The result is that a very high percentage of pain disappears almost immediately when he works with someone, and then helps them unwind the problem as fast as they can release it. When people release deep layers of unconsciousness, pain, and residual blockage, it allows them to move effortlessly into the next phase of their transition, whatever it may be.

Practitioners believe that energy medicine is a custom job adjusted to the unique situation of each person. Essentially the body heals itself, as it is a kind of bio-super-computer with a divine heart. A good healer/healing coach can help “reboot” the negative charge that is attracting negative situations.

Sometimes, the right intuitive information is the healing trigger. Or it may be that the healer’s electromagnetic signature brings the client into resonance by raising their vibration. Your body is speaking to you mytho-poetically. It is the map of your unconscious mind and reveals the testimony of your current choices. What we might translate as “inflammation” in the body can be understood, for example, as valuable information about the state of your emotional, mental, psychological being.

According to this doctrine, the healing agent/coach/transmitter of a certain energy medicine can help your body heal itself by interacting with your nervous system verbally, humorously, emotionally, telepathically, etc. allowing your body to shake out the symptoms and come to a new coherency. A phone healing, for example, can be a surprisingly liberating experience. Healing over the phone is possible because time and distance are not obstacles to the transfer of information. There are countless ways to heal people. When the true cause of the problem is tracked energy corrections and the right application of awareness and consciousness allow the client to make a shift.


Sudama with Sapphron Obois (Dreamtime Continuum Records)

Sudama (a.k.a. Mark Kennedy) is an enormously talented musician with the command of dozens of traditional instruments at his fingertips. Combined with the lyrical and ethereal saxophone of Sapphron Obois, and the unusual addition of The Jungle Book poetry of Rudyard Kipling, Sudama brings a winsome grace, and open heartedness to his life loving and world music sensibility. Sudama is soothing without straying into the bland ìmusical wallpaperî territory where many New Age albums find themselves stranded.

Review in Healing Retreats and Spas Magazine Excerpt from a longer article:

(Sudama) spans the globe for instruments and accents ñ some shakuhachi here, a touch of tabla there, some zither hither, some sarod yon. Depending on the track you could call it light jazz, celtic tinged folk, maybe even mild funk in parts .. but you canít call it New Age mush. Donít dismiss it as not your cup of (herbal tea)Ö But ultimately itís Kennedyís (Sudamaís) voice that holds the CDís disparate elements together. With lyrics of four songs taken from Eugene Field and Rudyard Kipling, narrative provides backbone to the fine lyrica flesh. And Kennedy had that storytellerís voice, like something heard around the eternal campfire, a timbe that calls one to a world thatís real and imagined, or perhaps real because itís imagined, or perhaps real because itís imaginedÖ This is music to celebrate.

George Yatchisen, Santa Barbara Independent

The mellow gold blend of Sudamaís work will meld everything from Irish acoustic guitar to doumbek and sarod. Eclectic muses alert!

Caught An Angel Got My Attention, December 5, 2001

Reviewer: A music fan

After Caught an Angel it was all icing. It was the best collaboration in a very long time. Such emotions and blending. Just plain GOOD story telling...and instrumentation More More and More.

superlative!, September 22, 1999

Reviewer: A music fan

What a joy to hear such an excellent new artist! This incredible album is exactly the kind of music that I've been searching for. Not only are the songs themselves wonderful but the misicians are really outstanding. This album does something that is incredibly difficult to do, namely it is calming AND energizing at the same time. At first I was really digging a few tunes alot, but after listening a little deeper I began to hear subtle things that actually, well I guess just made me want to hear more. Thank you and MORE!!!

A Cloud of Bliss, September 20, 1999

Reviewer: A music fan

There was a time a while back when I did a good bit of writing about music for Time Magazine--still do, occasionally, although now I've turned to film scripts for creative release, and to music like the sounds of "Sudama" for inspiration. This is a truly ravishing and inspiring collection of songs from deep within a creative spirit that manages both to be beguilingly open and teasingly private. "Sudama" is an invitation to meditation and exploration that has antcedents not only in New Age but in the restless inventiveness of Coltrane's jazz and the Dead's peaceable, funky kingdom. A wonder.

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