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Spiritual healing
I was born in Southampton, NY in 1957 and have lived in Santa Barbara for the last fifteen years. My parents were American diplomats posted in Yemen, Beirut, Lebanon, Athens, Greece, Santiago, Chile, Washington D.C. so my itinerant childhood was grounded by many summers at my grandmother's house near Acadia National Park in Maine. I delayed my 1979 graduation from Princeton University to pursue spiritual disciplines in Hawaii and India and finished in 1984 with a degree in creative writing (poetry). In 1979 my father was taken hostage in Iran and released in 1981. During this time and after, I traveled extensively with the renowned teacher of Siddha meditation Swami Muktananda (Baba) and his successor Gurumayi throughout the United States and in India.

I have always considered myself a healer ever since it was very clear to me, early on, that the universe is an expression of Supreme Consciousness. I studied Huna healing in Hawaii in 1979, shiatsu in Japan in the mid eighties and Indian philosophy and yoga traditions in India and at the graduate level. My interests in mystical literature and Indian music, as well as meditation and yoga, led me to getting a master's degree in Religious Studies at U.C. Santa Barbara, and when I submit a dissertation I will have a doctorate as well. As a minister I have married many couples, as a healer/coach I have helped thousands of people heal themselves across the full spectrum of problems. My studies in mytho-poetic expression (I taught a course by that name at the Pacifica Graduate Institute famous for Joseph Campbell’s archives) bring together energy medicine with art, music, and organic expressions of the subconscious.

My studies in Shamanism bring together a variety of trance inducing instruments into my healing practice: Indian sitar, Australian didjeridu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, bird whistles, Tibetan bells, guitars (12-string, 6-string steel, and classical), zither, and percussion with poetry and song. I have sought to create healing performance art that would nourish the audience on many levels. In my work I feel I intuitively incubate the opposite of the person's particular situation energetically so that their issue ceases to be an issue, one way or another, and the person feels "rebooted". In the scientific world, this is a kind of energetic phase-shift cancellation. This could involve a wide range of applications.

I am the recipient of the “Lifting up the World with Oneness Heart “ United Nations award from the Peace Meditation at the UN for my work. Other recipients of this award include Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Sting, Susan Sarandon, and many other less familiar names.

It is my experience that the universe is an embodiment of divine power. I consider musical events to be spiritual opportunities to feel more alive and more connected to love. I hope that my music and healing intention will inspire you to recognize that you are music.

Sudama Mark Kennedy

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