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Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine

My approach to optimum health is holistic and based on intuitive recognition of essential weaknesses that cause distortions in the electro-magnetic dynamics of the body. Clearing these distortions lead to spiritual healing and rejuvenation. Spiritual renewal is not only an anti-aging and preventive treatment by design but also leads to successful transitions, prosperity, better relationships, agility, flexibility, body mind and spirit coordination and a balanced and dynamic tension overall. No machines, drugs, hypnosis, exercise, physical manipulation or pre-conceived beliefs are necessary with this holistic health approach and treatments can be done in person or by telephone.

Pain Relief Treatment

Pain relief treatments are enabled through phase cancellation of negative wave forms in a variety of ways involving applications of quantum physics, Chinese energetic medicine, Qigong, and intuitive common sense beyond the alternative medicine approach. Working in this way strengthens the body's joints, muscles, and ligaments, speeding the body’s natural healing process, as well as improving emotional and mental health. Past clients documented have experienced spiritual renewal and subsequent reduction or elimination of symptoms including headaches, neck and back aches, musculo-skeletal pains, allergies, asthma, arthritis, depression, IBS, Crohn's disease, poison toxicity, high blood pressure, circulatory issues, emphysema, allergies, asthma, chronic disorders, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, osteoporosis, and more.
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